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Bob Gulley has devoted his work to unveiling adverse social conditions that are within arms length of prosperity and power. His respectful working style places him in the world of people whose story he is driven to feel.

Bob was born in Waco, Texas and after graduating from Texas A & M University, he moved to Houston, Texas where he currently lives. Throughout a successful business career, he saw those that were socially and economically "left behind" as Houston and his career prospered. A chance meeting with Christine Harrison, a Fifth Ward resident, began a relationship that opened access to an otherwise closed, violent, and forgotten section of Houston. His work touches the heart of the residents and gives those outside a review that is somber, yet hopeful and sometimes lighthearted.

The series, "This is the West" is a current view of West Texas and New Mexico with lonely views and people miles from the urban centers that sprawl along the highways. Not much attracts visitors in the past, but a rough western beauty and friendly folk share the unchanged scenery that has been the same for centuries.

His work inside the Harris County, Texas Jail began through unlimited access and without restrictions. He began with visitors and went through the process of appearing with an inmate in court. Many of the images are of empty cells and the messages that are left behind. These images from the inside and the view from the outside portray the emptiness and loneliness of the system.

The most ambitious work began on Labor Day September 5, 2005, when hurricane Katrina caused thousands of residents of Louisiana to pour into the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Overcoming tough restrictions, he was able to capture those first hours as the floor of the stadium was a sea of temporary cots. This work continues as he makes numerous trips to Hancock County, Mississippi and follows the obstacles the residents face to live.

He has been selected for 18-juried exhibitions since 2002 in ten cities in four states and Canada.

In addition, his work includes, Women Surviving Alone, Power Fighting Adversity, and Going Back to the House that Was Your Home.

Photo Forum, Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Houston Center for Photography
Photographic Resource Center, Boston
Cambridge Art Association

Course Study

Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Advanced Photography with Amy Blakemore, Portraiture with Will Michaels, July 2000-May 2006

New Mexico Photography Field School, LLC. Craig Varajabedian. Summer 2002 Workshop, "Ramblers, Ranchers, and Renegades."

The Maine Photographic Workshops, summer 2003 Workshop, "Storytelling" with Eugene Richards.

The Maine Photographic Workshops, summer 2005, "Workshop with Arnold Newman."